Paxton Green Time Bank

Paxton Green Timebank

Paxton Green Timebank

Paxton Green Time Bank is an exciting way for people to come together to share their skills, help others and help themselves at the same time.

Everyone’s time is valued equally; one hour of helping is valued as one time credit. These credits can then be spent, when needed, on support from other local people. Everyone’s time is valued equally. Everyone becomes both a giver and a receiver.

People help each other out with everything from DIY – help with kids – exercise – making friends – shopping – talking on the phone – gaining new skills – crafts – going to the park – cooking – getting to know your neighbours.

A Time Bank can help to:

  • Bring people together in a spirit of equality.
  • Value contributions to community life.
  • Build confidence and skills.
  • Build networks and knowledge.
  • Get things done that wouldn’t get done otherwise.

A Time Bank is a way to get to know your community. See Links and Contacts for contact details.